Bathroom Accessories

Solid, Contemporary and Modern accessories for your bathroom

Making a bathroom go from boring and dull to wonderful and eye-pleasing can be done with a few bathroom accessories and decor. Use our bathroom accessories and hardware and see the difference! They are available in a multitude of colors and designs, to match any room!

Bathrooms aren’t what they used to be. From being purely utilitarian areas to becoming smart and elegant spaces, bathrooms have undergone a drastic transformation over the years. People decorate their bathrooms with as much effort and enthusiasm as any other space in their home. You might have a lovely, well adorned home, if your bathroom is plain and boring, the impression your home leaves on people is going to be anything but positive.

What makes a normal bathroom with a sink, a commode, a shower and often a bathtub a glamour room? A lot of imagination! A bit of creativity! Your personal touch! And of course bathroom accessories!


Good bathroom accessories create wonderful bathrooms

So what exactly are bathroom accessories? These are those gorgeous objects that can be used in the bathroom to augment its functionality or to heighten its visual appeal. Whatever the case, no modern bathroom can do without bathroom accessories of some kind or the other. Typically functional bathroom accessories would include objects like soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, shower curtains, caddies, shelves, toilet brush holders, towel hooks, rings and bar, mirrors , bathtub accessories and towels to name a few. Then there are purely decorative ones like candles, vases, flowers, decorative jars and baskets etc. There is no end to ways you can accessorize this all important space. But that doesn’t mean that you overcrowd this room with all that is available on the shelves. Sometimes the addition of just a couple of things can have a great impact, both in terms of looks and functionality

How to choose bathroom accessories

Bathroom accessories need to be selected with care and attention keeping in mind the following:

Size of your space: Bathrooms in most homes are the smallest rooms in the house, so stuffing them with too many things is a bad idea. Choose only what the space can accommodate without looking overdone. In small bathrooms, it is a good idea to have a lot of wall mounted fixtures and accessories to optimize space.

Specific needs: You might like to read a book or have a glass of wine while soaking in the bathtub. A bathtub caddy will be very handy for you. Choose accessories that cater to your personal needs.

Theme: Decide if you want a theme for your bathroom. If you do then all accessories that you buy for this space will have to be in synch with the overall design scheme.

Material used: The bathroom is a wet area. Accessories used here will be constantly exposed to moisture and dampness. Make sure they are made with durable, water resistant and dust proof material.

Functional bathroom accessories, decorative ones or both

Before buying accessories for your bathroom, you need to decide whether you want a purely utilitarian space or one that is both functional and elegant. If you want to focus more on function than form, then you can opt for basic accessories that will help you wash, clean and dress in an effective manner. However if you are equally passionate about the appearance of your bathroom, your selection will be somewhat different. You will then select stylish products that look wonderful in addition to making your bathroom more organized and manageable. You may also like to add décor accents like scented candles, flowers and aromatherapy material for that extra special touch.

Bathroom accessories create your kind of bathroom

There is no dearth of elegant accessories available for your bathroom. Bathroom accessories come in a range of materials, colors and designs. There are also themed accessories that can be matched to create a theme bathroom. This is an especially popular option for kids’ bathrooms. Floral themes are also the preferred choice of a lot of people. Another favorite are the color coordinated bathrooms. Here a color scheme is followed to synergize the room. Accessories that complement these themes are easily available and they help you decorate your space just the way you want.

Our bathroom accessories add great style, appeal, and charm to your bathroom

We bring you an expansive range of contemporary high end bathroom accessories that are sure to add class and elegance to your bathrooms. Most of these are made with top quality stainless steel and some others with environment friendly material like bamboo. Needless to say these designer pieces perform to perfection and are sturdy and long lasting. What you can pick for your bathroom right here, right now include:

These bathroom accessories are brought to you in collaboration with some of the best known names in the home decor industry. These include Blomus, Zack, Umbra, and Polder, all known for their stylish, high quality home accessories that lend style and charm to you home.

Most of us start and end our day with a visit to the bathroom. It makes sense therefore to make this space as inviting as possible. Only then can we truly enjoy the time we spend there.

Even the smallest room looks great using our bathroom decor!

Most people start their days in the bathroom. For some, the it is a haven of tranquility, away from the hustle and bustle of frantic everyday activities. For others it is simply an unavoidable part of their daily routine. Irrespective of their needs, most want their bathrooms to be efficient and beautiful.

At the same time, they recognize that attractive decorating accessories for the washroom can make their experiences that much more pleasant. That is why three factors are especially important in planning bathrooms: atmosphere, usefulness and efficiency.

How to choose the perfect accessory for your washroom.

Choosing the bathroom accessory is of the utmost importance. Bear in mind that constant attacks by humidity make bathrooms especially vulnerable and likely to deteriorate faster than any other room in the house. Likewise, accessories that are found in the bathroom need to be built of materials resistant to moisture, and should be hardwearing enough to last you a long time. Stainless steel, porcelain plastic and acrylic all exhibit these properties.

Paint must also be chosen with the same criteria in mind. Talk with a specialist to help you choose the right bathroom paints. And state-of-the-art application of the paint will save you much aggravation over time. Likewise, a quick consultation with an advisor will help you select the quality accessories you need.

Decorating your bathroom with the right accessory set

  • Bathrooms are often small, accessories must therefore be purchased on the basis both the available space and the desired effect. They also need to be arranged harmoniously and efficiently.
  • Bathroom hardware such as soap dishes , toothbrush holders , trash cans , shower curtain rods , bath towels and others must satisfy both practical and decorative needs.
  • Shower curtains are an important part of bathrooms equipped with bath showers. Use them to refine your seasonal decor for example by alternating rich fabric curtains over the same waterproof plastic liner. You can also overlay different fabrics to personalize the design of your shower curtain.
  • Generally, less expensive shower curtains are made of a single waterproof fabric, printed in strong colors while better curtains offer more choices. Depending on quality, shower curtains may last for years or barely make it through a few months. In the end, it is matter of quality.

Using Contemporary accessories for your bathroom

Bath towels serve as excellent bathroom decor elements. They can be in colors that match those of the shower curtain or complement them. Or they can match or complement the colors of the window curtains. Or they can contrast the curtains or the walls. Or you can customize them by adding a fabric border that matches a part of your decor.

If you've ever had the privilege of spending a day at the spa, you know that so much of the relaxing experience lies in the details. Sure, the massage helps too, but the overall goal in most spa settings is to create a relaxing environment in which you can put your cares away. Thus, candles are lit, soft music is played, and relaxing scents waft gently through the air.

You can do much of this at home if you create the right bathroom environment. Although most of us think of the bathroom as the place where we scurry to get ready in the morning, a few simple adjustments can transform it from locker room to luxury locale. Whether you employ scented candles, fluffy towels, or simply some organizational tools to make the room more spacious, you are bound to appreciate the difference that a few small changes can make.

Tips for decorating the bathroom with commercial bathroom accessories

One of the easiest ways to obtain a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing look is to opt for contemporary bathroom sets. We offer a number of bathroom sets that contain cups, shower hooks, waste baskets, toothbrush holders, lotion pumps, jars, bath rugs, trays, and soap dishes. Our bathroom accessory sets make it easy to pull together a complete look. With virtually no effort, you can recreate the designer look and feel of your favorite hotel or spa. Hundreds of bathroom decor accessories are available in floral, modern, stripe, classic, and stainless steel. We offer a broad line of Bath Accessories including products in stainless steel by Blomus and Zack, Designer toilet sets and accessories by Umbra and many others.

Your source for the widest selection of bath accessories in Canada. In our bath accessories section, you'll find the newest trends and styles from the highest quality manufacturers in the industry.

Browse our wide selection and discover unique designs from soap dishes to towel rings and bars, toilet tissue holders, toothbrush holders, toilet paper holders, and tumblers, and more. Whether your style is casual or extravagant, contemporary or traditional, you'll find the designs to match your lifestyle.

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Decor for the bathroom - transform your bathroom into a practical and beautiful space with one simple addition.

We offer a comprehensive range of bathroom decor products including tissue boxes, storage trays, toothbrush holders, bathroom canisters, bathroom mirrors, bathtub shelfs, towel racks, soap dishes, cotton pad dispensers, waste can and toilet paper stands. Decorating your bathroom can be fun and easy - select the bathroom accessories that will suit your bathroom and give it that personal touch you have been wanting!!!

Things you should take into consideration in your bathroom design.

  • The size of the bathroom. Make sure that the bathroom fixtures (such as bathroom mirrors, towel bars) you choose are the right size in relation to the size of the bathroom. Many people tend to buy a bathroom fixture because they like it and when they look at it they realize it is too big for the bathroom.
  • The user of the bathroom. Bathrooms used by adults (either parents or guests) and children have different requirements. For kid’s bathroom, safety will be your primary concern in bathroom design. Use shatterproof acrylic or plastic bathroom accessories, such as toothbrush holders and drinking cups. Rounded corners and edges, non-slip backings on rugs and grab bars in the shower or bath are also important.
  • The bathroom decor theme. An easy way to personalize your bathroom is by decorating with a theme (beach, animal, classic, country, elegant, ultra modern, etc). Also, having a theme in mind will help guide your bathroom design. Once you have determined your bathroom decor theme, just choose the theme-related bathroom accessories to turn your bathroom into a spa-like respite or a tropical paradise or what ever you like.
  • Budget. List the bathroom decors you need and allocate the budget accordingly. Buy bathroom decors not only cater to your taste, but also fit your budget.

Bathroom decor ideas - useful and inexpensive!

Dose bathroom decor always cost a lot of money? No, there are lots that you can do for very little money that will improve the decor of your bathroom. Here are some great bathroom decorating ideas:
  • Mirrors can be inexpensive and create interest and drama to your bathroom. Bathroom mirrors generate a look of added space and elegance.
  • Take advantage of towel racks and towel racks. You can use some of them to put up fancy towels for show that will really pick up the appearance of the bathroom and highlight the colors that you used in your bathroom design.
  • Bathroom shower curtains offer an affordable way to instantly freshen up a dull looking bathroom. Curtains for shower come a huge variety of designs and colors. If you've got a specific theme to your bathroom decor, you should be able to find a design to fit in. Aquatic, nautical and beach themed curtains are very popular. For kids, colorful prints of dolphins, frogs and rubber ducks are a favorite. You could add a touch of elegance or a splash of fun to your shower times with your choice of curtain.
  • Adding new wallpaper is a pretty good and inexpensive way to decorate your bathroom. All you need to do is to add a few rugs and towels that go along with the wallpaper and your entire bathroom will look different.
  • Lights with a dimmer are a good choice for bathroom decor because this will allow you to have brighter light when you need it, like for shaving or applying makeup, and you'll also be able to dim the lights for a relaxing bath.
  • Plants are also great in bathroom decorating. There are many types of houseplants that will thrive in the bathroom. Adding even a small touch of greenery can bring in a little life, and the pot you choose for the plant can also add its own decorative touch.
  • Scented candles are simple but useful bathroom decors which can add so much to a bathroom. Have different colors placed in the corners of your bathtub. Place a few on your sink counter.

In a word, you can buy matching everything for your bathroom decor – trash cans, towels, shower curtains, toothpaste holders, soap dishes, wall decorations, and even decorative toilet bowl cleaners. Matching patterns and themes of all kinds are available, from classic floral looks to trendy contrasting patterns to novelty animal and cartoon character themes. Bathroom decor can be fun, easy and inexpensive.

Tips for small bathroom decor

With the right small bathroom decorating ideas, you can create an illusion. If you would like to make your bathroom appear spacious as well as elegant, there are many different ways to accomplish this by harmoniously combining various elements and accessories.
  • The key word of color is ‘simple’. For example, don’t use a busy wallpaper pattern, as the room will seem smaller and more cluttered.
  • Vertical lines add height to a room by drawing the eye upwards. Tiles that are extended to the ceiling can make a small bathroom feel larger. Painting a vertical stripe or using a similar wallpaper pattern is also a good idea.
  • One of the best ways to make a space appear larger when decorating a small bathroom is to incorporate mirrors. In addition to adding dimension, mirrors intensify light and emit a certain kind of radiance that complements home interiors while helping to mask wall defects.
  • Make sure you include adequate storage as clutter only exacerbates the problems of a small bathroom. Exposed shelves, recessed cabinets and floating cabinets are a good option, with the latter leaving more exposed floor space.
  • Provide a unified look in your bathroom by displaying matching bath accessories.
    • A lovely way to display a bar of soap or to dispense liquid soap is by incorporating a decorative soap dish or soap dispenser. There are many different styles to choose from to and it will make a decorative statement in your bathroom.
    • If you prefer to keep your toothbrush on top of the vanity but want to display it in a stylish manner, you may wish to place it inside a decorative toothbrush holder.
    • Coordinate the rest of your bathroom ensemble with a matching tumbler. Not only is it functional, but it looks pretty on top of a bathroom vanity.
  • Decorative fixtures such (as towel bar, towel ring, bathroom shelf) adds a lot of beauty and elegance to a bathroom. It can really dress up a bare wall and bring the bathroom to life.
Browse our selection and choose the one you like. You will soon be surprised by how little details can make your bathroom more appealing.

Free up valuable space in the bathroom and accentuate the look of your bathroom by using our fixtures for bathroom.

To maximize storage space in the bathroom, check out our selection of stainless steel bathroom fixtures. With everything from towel bar, towel ring, bathroom rack, bathroom shelf, bathroom hook, bathroom holder, bathroom cotton pad dispenser and more, you can outfit your entire bathroom with affordable pieces everyday. Our fixtures for bathroom not only allow for a clean uncluttered look, but also provide more space in the bathroom. With these bathroom accessories you will always know where to find your towel, soap, toothbrush, and other accessories.

Benefits of wall mounted bathroom fixtures.

To keep bathroom clutter to a minimum, why not use the walls surrounding? We have beautiful wall mounted bathroom fixtures, including soap dispensers, soap dishes, glass tumblers and more. These are all things that normally take up counter space that now can be mounted to the bathroom wall instead!

A wall mount hair dryer holder keeps your most important grooming tool off the counter and organized on the wall. In the shower, a bathroom rack can hold towels, cloths, razors, shampoo and so on. Also, you can put soap, toothbrush and other accessories on a small bathroom holder. A wall mounted bathroom shelf can help with both style and organization. This bathroom fixture is perfect for adding a clean look for your bathroom accessories. For decorative purposes, putting a small candle, seashells and your favorite framed photographs on this bathroom fixture can add a touch of style and personality to your bathroom. These small bathroom fixtures are quite simple but really useful.

5 steps to choose the right fixture for your bathroom

  • Figure out the amount of money you plan to spend on bathroom fixture.
  • Measure your bathroom and determine how much space you have for the fixtures. If you have limited area, it could severely limit your options, so you have to know the space you want to allot to the fixtures before you begin shopping.
  • Identify the style of your bathroom? Whether it's traditional, contemporary, modern or shabby chic, you can find the right bathroom fixture that suits your taste.
  • Choose the material you want. Easy to clean, moisture proof, rust proof, durable, shatterproof, no matter what material you have chosen it should compliment the design of you bathroom.
  • Decide on the color you want. Make sure the color coordinates with the decor of your bathroom.

How to install bathroom fixture?

The bathroom fixtures would be good mounted to marble walls, tiled walls, drywall, granite walls, etc. How you install the bathroom fixtures is simple. You merely drill a hole to the desired location. Install your anchor lock, because if you just screw it in it will chip away. The anchor lock spreads out, swells and secures it self.

Install your bathroom fixtures at an easy-reach height, especially for those families with children. Please keep in mind that it should be located in a location that facilitates its use.

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